Cascade Calculator

This calculator computes the intercept, noise figure and gain of cascaded stages of an RF circuit.
It is based on the calculations set forth in Fig 2.69 of Experimental Methods in RF Design (Hayward, Campbell and Larkin, ARRL)
This calculator was developed by Wes Hayward, W7ZOI, the lead author of the above book. He wrote the first version in the seventies and adapted to the PC for the EMRFD’s accompaying CD. My own implementation is independently developed from the descriptions in the above reference and from his other book Introduction to RF Design.
Though these books are now out of print, they are available for online purchase and highly recommended source for the RF experimenter.
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Noise Figure
OIP3, dbm


Total Gain, dB
Total Noise Figure, dB
IIP3, dBm
OIP3, dBm
MDS, dBm
Two-tone Dynamic Range, dB
Receiver Factor, dB

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