I am a radio amateur, Ashhar Farhan. My callsign is VU2ESE. I like to experiment with radio electronics. These some of the radios, test gear and experiments that I have built. All the content of this website is freely reproducible for any purpose as long as you mention that the original source code/circuit diagram/text was from this website.


Test Gear
What you can’t measure, you can’t know. Measuring is the most important part of our hobby and it is often the most overlooked. I have build a fair number of simple test gear. Here is an incomplete list:

  • Specan: A Spectrum analyzer
    This is a relatively easy to build spectrum analyzer based on Terry White/Wes Hayward’s QST analyzer. It as difficult as building a simple SSB transceiver. Very much worth the time.
  • Two Tone Generator A two tone generator is an essential test gear made with just four transistors that helps you evaluate your amplifiers, mixers, receivers for distortion. Distortion makes all the difference between a pleasant receiver and a horrible sounding one, between a clean transmitter and bad, splattering one on air.

Design Tools